All your Computer Repair needs

At One Stop Tech Clinic, we pride ourselves on prompt customer service. 

We repair laptops, computers and games consoles. 

What We Do

Computer Repairs, Screen Repairs. Custom Gaming PCs, PS4 and Xbox One Repairs 


Computer Repairs

Is you computer slow? Does it just not work? 

We can fix those issues, and more. 

Gaming PC Builds

At one Stop, we have gaming PCs. We've built a range of custom PCs for customers. If your want a custom gaming PC, get in touch with us today. 

Laptop Repairs

Has your laptop screen broken? Does your mouse not respond anymore?

At One Stop, laptops are our bread and butter of repairs.  

PS4 repairs

Does your PS4 or Xbox sound like a jet engine about to take of? That's caused by a build of dust causing the PS4 to overheat.  Here, we can clean all the dust out and reapply thermal paste to the system. 


Contact us...

Whether you need a laptop repair or desktop repair. A Custom Gaming PC or a PS4 cleaning, Get in touch today via our facebook page, or email us, for a free quote.