Why Choose One Stop Tech Clinic

Gaming PCs

Our custom PC Builds are put together by experience technicians, who test and ensure everything is working correctly before handing them over to you. All you have to do is plug and play. 

You can choose every part, we just put it together. The Graphics Card, Motherboard, CPU, RAM, Storage devices, power suppply and case can all be chosen by you, with our expert guidance to inform you of the best choice at every step. 

Computer Repairs

Our technicians are experienced in all kinds of computer repairs. We offer malware removal, and other software related fixes. Alongside repairing hardware faults. 

PS4 Repairs

Do you have an aging PS4. Are you going to try and squeeze the last few years of life before getting the new PS5?  We'll take it apart and clean out all the dust and replace the thermal compound. This will give your PS4 a new lease of life and potentially add years to its lifespan. 

Laptop Repair Specialists

So many of our customers have first gone to other repair shops who couldnt find an issue with their laptop, or charged a large amount for a simple job. Our low prices, Great communication and prompt repairs will get your laptop back to you before you know it, whether you've cracked your laptop screen, broken the screen hinge or perhaps you spilt water on it? Bring your laptop to the tech clinic and well fix it up.